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Tips for Architects: 13 Ideas for Bringing the Outside In

Curated by Ra'ad Jumean, Architect

IDS Deputy Managing Director

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1- Frame The View

Frame the View
Frame the View

Regardless of what approach you use to frame the view, be it a strategically placed panel of glazing or a show-stopping window frame, making a feature of the external landscape can create an impressive focal point that adds an intriguing backdrop to a room. In some cases, the strategic use of materials can add a further level of depth to the view and help to seamlessly marry the external scenery with the internal features.

2- Enjoy Dinning with a view

Enjoy Dinning with a View

There is nothing quite as romantic as dining under a star-lit sky. Enjoy this alluring atmosphere on a daily basis by positioning your dining area directly under a glass roof or structure. In addition to flooding the space with natural light, you’ll create a really special dining area that impresses your guests. You may also wish to position your dining area next to Crittal-style metal-framed doors that adjoin a patio to which you can retreat into the open air after dinner.

3- Incorporate Roof Lights to Increase Light & Enhance Views

Incorporate roof lights to increase light and enhance views
Incorporate roof lights to increase light and enhance views

Natural light can make even the smallest spaces feel more roomy and bright. When designing living areas, take every opportunity to allow natural light to flood into the room, be it through roof lights, glass panels, or clerestory windows. In addition to enhancing the space, roof lights have the added advantage of giving you an enticing view of the sky above.

4- Incorporate Window Seats

IncorpoWindow Seatsrate window seats
Window Seats

Although expansive floor-to-ceiling windows can be an extremely impressive feature of any room, window seats can give space a much cozier and intimate feel. Connect the outdoors with the indoors by strategically positioning a window seat in an area in which you can relax and enjoy uninterrupted views of the outside world.

5- Design Outdoor Spaces

Design Outdoor Spaces

Of course, the most effective method by which you can ensure you enjoy the outdoor space that is available to its fullest is by literally constructing an area for relaxation and entertainment in the outdoors. Whether you opt to construct a patio, summerhouse, gazebo, or contemporary pod-like structure, building a structure in the heart of the landscape can offer an amazing opportunity for you to take full advantage of the outdoor area. Many companies specialize in outdoor buildings that can be employed for a range of purposes including games rooms, offices, and even bars.

6- Use Materials Strategically

Use Materials Strategically

One intelligent method by which you can create a seamless connection between the outside and the inside is by using complementary materials that marry natural elements with man-made structures. For example, stone garden walls could be developed into distinct interior features that add texture and form to a room.

7- Use Light Wells to Introduce More Light

Use Light Wells to Introduce More Light

Light wells are ideal for introducing natural light into lower-ground floor rooms and basements. You may even wish to go one step further by constructing glass walls or “living” walls that use natural greenery to give a room a natural feel while also improving the appearance of any unsightly views.

8- Construct a Terrace

If you are working with a loft conversion or top-floor flat in which there is no garden, constructing roof terraces or balconies can offer an ideal solution by which you can develop additional space from which you can

enjoy the outdoors.

9- Use Sliding Doors

Those who appreciate a minimal aesthetic but wish to effortlessly move from the indoors to the outdoors may wish to incorporate sliding glass doors that can completely open up a room to the outdoors while also having the option to close off the space when the weather is less than desirable.

10- Incorporate a Focal Point

In some cases, the structure that connects the outdoors with the indoors can be a talking point in itself. If you have the space, you can add an additional wow factor to a room by incorporating a pivot door that takes full advantage of the view.

11- Including Structural Glazing to Enhance The Feeling of Openness

If you are working with a contemporary property, go one step further than installing skylights by constructing large panels of glazed glass that allow daylight to flow into a room. In addition to improving the lighting within a room, large areas of glazing can also increase the illusion that the room is set amid the heart of the outdoors.

12- Construct An Internal Courtyard

Internal Courtyards

If you have limited outdoor space available or wish to optimize the space that is available in your side-return extension, consider constructing an internal courtyard that is framed by full-height glazing. This will provide you with an impressive private outdoor area while improving the flow through the internal spaces of your home.

13- Grow a Living Wall

Living walls, or green walls as they are also known, are vertical gardens that can be strategically positioned to mask any unsightly areas or increase the appeal of areas immediately outside or inside the home. Living walls can be placed in any well-lit areas, and low maintenance options are available for those who are not blessed with green fingers.



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