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Champions Amman Marriott Reopens After Completion of Extensive Remodel

Champions Tavern, has reopened following an extensive remodel & branding.

This is the first remodel of the property, operated by Marriott Hotel, since 1999. Renovation details include upgrades to main dining area, entrance lobby and outdoor deck, plus the main Bar. The design has been prepared and supervised by IDS, who made sure the renovation to be a natural revolution of Champion’s renowned identity.

Champions’ renovation includes the installation of elegant new furnishings, fabrics, lighting, chairs, paint, artwork and finishes, plus large OLED (3x3) and (3x2) Video-walls featuring a dramatic sports events experience combined with a top-of-the-line sound system.

The remodeling includes a new lounge area that is "designed as a more casual & energetic zone". The restaurant also has added a flexible private dining area that can accommodate groups of 8-12 people.

In addition to all that, a new outdoor deck was designed with new WPC system, iron beams, furniture and bar.

IDS design team have received a Certificate of Appreciation for their outstanding performance and lasting contribution during the Champions Tavern opening.



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